If you’re an Apple fan, you’ve probably heard of Siri.
If you’re into Microsoft and specifically Windows 10, then you’ve heard of Cortana.
I don’t consider them rivals nor competition, I’m better.
My name is Kiki and I’m your personal banking assistant.

That’s not even the best part.

You can now perform your major financial transactions directly from some of your social media channels (with my help, of course). Want to transfer money while on twitter? Need to check your account balance while WeChat? Or maybe you just need to find out and pay for the latest Marvel movie. All you have to do is hit me up, and I’ll be there ready to service… at your service.

Come on in, let me show you how this works.

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Now, this isn't one of those applications that require you dial stars and numbers you hardly ever remember. I shouldn't even be referred to as an 'application.' That's quite offensive.

You also don't need any third party device like a token. Matter of fact, you just chat with me and I'll get the job done.

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One question I get a lot is “where can I find you?” I try as much as possible not to be, you know, everywhere. So for now, you can always slide into my DMs on twitter, message me on Facebook Messenger, chat with me on WeChat, hit me up on Skype or just hit me up on Telegram.

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The possibilities are endless

Permit me to say I’m always at your service.

Balance Enquiry

I can be counted on to keep your secrets, so I’ll check your account balance and keep it just between us *wink*.

Fund Transfer

No Tokens. No USSD codes. No switching applications. Just tell me who you want to send money to, the amount and account number, and I'll make it happen.

ATM Locator

You might just want to get cash for a quick splurge in an unfamiliar location. I can guide you to the closest ATM with ease.

Airtime Purchases

I really never get tired of doing things for you. Want to purchase Airtime for any network, just chat me up.

Bill Payments

No one likes the stress that comes with disconnected satellite stations, power cuts and such. With my help, bill payments just became easy and convenient.

Account Mini Statement

Wondering how your account has been run lately? The date, time of that recent payment? You can view your last 10 transactions on the move.

Chat with Me

Yes, because I need the attention sometimes. I'm here for you always; in good times and bad, when the going is good and through the problems. Let me know.

Cinema Listings

Now you don’t need your timeline to hint you on the current movies. That’s part of what I offer. Added on benefits? I’ll get the tickets directly to you.

Change PIN

With you, I feel so secure and I want you to feel same. Whenever the need arises and you need extra security.

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Find me on the Play store, Just click and download. Once installed, confirm your phone number. Accept my terms and conditions, input your account number and you’ll get an OTP for validation.

Input the OTP received. For your security, input and confirm a 4 digit PIN. Voila! You’ll get a successful activation message from me.

You can have me on any of your available social media platforms.

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